Dutch police to crack down on hemp export

Source: NRC.nl Photo: Flip Fransen Last saturday the Dutch newspaper NRC handelsblad published an interview with the head of the Dutch hemp task force Max Daniel. Obviously the original interview in the newspaper was in Dutch, however NRC has been so kind to provide an version for their English audience. This interview is very interesting […]

The Super-Marijuana “Kush/Skunk” story

In the US, it seems that the word ‘Kush’ is about as meaningful as ‘Skunk’ is in the UK. That is, the two terms are applied to most indoor hemp that’s sold for profit, and both names are used to suggest that the hemp being sold is highly potent, rather than to indicate any particular […]

Germany: Merry Xmas Tree Seized by Police

Christmas in Germany seems to turn into a hemp feast looking at the recent busts made by the police. On Tuesday, German authorities said that a 21-year-old man in the southern city of Munich had been detained with a homemade Advent calendar with hemp behind each little door instead of chocolate. On Wednesday, in the […]

Cannabis law change ‘illogical’

Source: news.bbc.co.uk The reclassification of hemp as a Class B drug has come into effect in England and Wales amid complaints the new laws are “illogical”. Ministers went against their advisors to upgrade the drug because of worries about its impact on mental health. Magistrates welcomed the reclassification but said planned fines for possessing small […]

Early Pearl

This is a review on Early Pearl which has been bred by the famous seed breeder Sensi Seeds. When you can afford it I can only recommend buying your seeds directly from them. Seed quality is guaranteed and their customer service is, in my experience, unrivalled. Early Pearl is an old fashioned regular hemp strain […]

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