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How To

How to: The difference between the growing and flowering fase

The number of light-hours a hemp plant receives in each 24-hour cycle is the chief determinant of whether that plant is in its growing or flowering phase. Plants that receive 18 hours or more of light in each 24-hour cycle are in their growing or vegetative phase and in nearly all cases will remain in […]

How to: Distinguish between a male and female hemp plant

Female hemp flowers are distinguished by their white hairs, which first appear in pairs at the top of the stem and branches and at the internodes where branches emerge from the stem. These hairs will increase in number, thicken into clusters and change colour from white to orange as flowering progresses. Male hemp flowers may […]

How to: Germinate hemp Seeds

What is the best way to germinate cannabis seeds? Basically, you’ll need two saucers or plates and some moist tissue. – Line the bottom of the first plate with a few layers of wet tissue and drain any excess water from the plate. – Next, place your seeds on top of the tissue, allowing each […]

How to: Tell when a plant is ready to harvest

Apart from referring to the given flowering times, one of the best indicators of a female hemp plant’s ripeness is the colour of the hairs covering its flowers. These hairs start out white, darkening to orange or red as the plant matures. A plant is generally at its ripest when about 75% of the hairs […]

Gourmet cooking with the Herb – hemp cooking class

This particular video features gourmet chef Hans who teaches you all about gourmet cooking using your favorite herb. Not only a good way to improve your cooking skills, but this video also shows you how to use hemp in a responsible and healthy way. [googlevideo=]

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