Cannabis Tribunal

On Monday the first and Tuesday the second of December, the Cannabis college in cooperation with the “drug policy foundation” (stichting drugsbeleid) and ENCOD are organising the hemp tribunal at the international press centre in the Hague. The main question these public hearings will be focusing on is; What is going to happen with the […]

Swiss hemp legalisation referendum

On November 30th a referendum will be held among the people of Switzerland about whether to completely legalize possession, sale, and cultivation of cannabis. The initiative is titled: “For a sensible hemp policy with effective protection of the youth”. (in German: Für eine vernünftige Hanfpolitik mit wirksamem Jugendschutz.) P.L.R. (liberal-radical party), swiss-socialist party ,Green party […]

Oakland imposes a tax on the sale of medicinal marijuana!

The city of Oakland became the first place in America to impose a tax on the sale of medicinal hemp this week in what has been seen as a huge step on the path towards marijuana’s eventual decriminalization. Famed for its liberal stance on the subject, Oakland (fondly dubbed Oaksterdam by the hemp community) city […]

Sensi Seeds hemp Widget

Sensi Seeds recently published their own web widget. A great little tool for the hemp enthusiast that wants to show the photos from the Sensi forum on their own personal webspace. Don’t know what a widget is? There’s no shame in that.. Just have a look at the wiki page on webwidgets. If you want […]

Antonio Maria Costa just refuses to answer the question!

Just over a year ago we brought you a spectacular video of ENCOD´s Frederick Polak, trying in vain to get a very relevant question answered by UNODC Executive Director Antonio Maria Costa. Here’s the follow-up;  Costa reportedly went to Amsterdam to see for himself, yet still manages to avoid the question and tell blatant lies: […]

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