Silver Haze #9 Feminised

This is a review on Silver Haze #9 Feminised which has been bred by the famous seed breeder Sensi Seeds. When you can afford it I can only recommend buying your seeds directly from them. Seed quality is guaranteed and their customer service is, in my experience, unrivalled. Silver Haze #9 Feminised is an is […]

Patrick Swayze smokes medical weed

UPDATE: After fighting terminal pancreatic cancer for more then 20 months Patrick Swayze passed away Monday 14 September at the age of 57. read more here ——————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————- Patrick Swayze allegedly has begun smoking medicinal hemp to help him in the fight against pancreatic cancer. Medicinal hemp is already well known to ease nausea, insomnia and […]

Cannabis Patents – Cannabinoid Patch

United States Patent US6113940: Cannabinoid patch and method for hemp transdermal delivery. We  found this patent application in the U.S for a hemp patch similar to the nicotine patch which has been commercially available for years. Several companies (and even the U.S government – see our previous article “U.S Government Patents Cannabis“) have recently started […]

Hemp vs Cotton – The Pros and Cons

Historically, hemp has proven to be a versatile and durable substance and therein lies the contradiction. For nearly a century now, Hemp has been overlooked and under-appreciated as a viable alternative to cotton, possibly as a result of its connotative association with marijuana. To clarify, hemp has no psychoactive properties. PROS: Hemp fibre is surprisingly […]

How our brains fend off madness

A hemp like substance produced by the brain may dampen delusional or psychotic experiences, rather than trigger them. Heavy hemp use has been linked to psychosis in the past, leading researchers to look for a connection between the brain’s natural cannabinoid system and schizophrenia. Sure enough, when Markus Leweke of the University of Cologne, Germany, […]

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