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Cannabis Tribunal

On Monday the first and Tuesday the second of December, the Cannabis college in cooperation with the “drug policy foundation” (stichting drugsbeleid) and ENCOD are organising the hemp tribunal at the international press centre in the Hague.

The main question these public hearings will be focusing on is; What is going to happen with the Dutch hemp policy after almost 30 years of semi-decriminalisation?

The hemp Tribunal will consist out of six public hearings and a closing debate. Every hearing will be concluded by two speakers who both have a different point of view on the discussed matter.

The topics that will be discussed are;

  1. The future of the Coffeeshop
  2. Medicinal hemp
  3. The role of the media
  4. The future of Hemp
  5. The Dutch drugs policy in an international perspective
  6. The rationale behind the hemp prohibition

The goal of these public hearings is to start a nationwide debate discussing the reasons why there is such a thing as the hemp prohibition and how the Dutch government can improve the current situation.

For more information please visit (dutch)

"Why is hemp against the law? It grows naturally upon our planet.
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