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Hemp Information

Hemp Based speakers

The people from sell Hemp based speakers systems, not only because of the environmental benefits, but because they believe Hemp is superior to any other other materials. This is what they have to say: “We developed Hempcone technology for our speaker cones after finding hemp to be the lightest, strongest and most durable material […]

Hanes invests in Hemp!

After a decade trying to prove that hemp could be soft as cotton, one American company is starting to draw the attention to its product from some of the world’s biggest consumer brands.

Cooking with Cannabis

As you might know next to smoking hemp you can also eat it. Eating hemp can get you even more stoned then by smoking it and it is presumably more healthy for you. We are not talking about the standard hash brownies and the like as these are probably not that healthy (but they sure […]

5 Important historical figures that used Hemp

George Washington First U.S.A. President and hemp farmer. “Make the most of the hemp seed and sow it everywhere.” George Washington grew hemp on his plantations. Actually one could even be jailed in America for not growing hemp during several periods of shortage, e.g., in Virginia between 1763 and 1767. An especially interesting diary post […]

The dogmata of a plant

The relentless marketing campaign aimed at demonising hemp has been in effect for almost a century. Its effectiveness has ebbed and flowed over the years but it has succeeded in one important aspect. In every country, generation after generation of people have been fed variations on the same emotive lies about hemp – dangers to sanity, harm to children, damage to the very fabric of society. With such diligent repetition, even the most ludicrous claims can gain the status of dogma.

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