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Hemp Information

Medical hemp may protect against swine flu!

As schools return from their summer breaks, there is widespread concern amongst parents and teachers alike. Swine Flu (H1N1) thrives off the conditions typical in classrooms and younger demographics are particularly vulnerable. As manufacturers struggle to meet unprecedented demand, one company has a controversial idea.

Another resignation at the UK’s Advisory Council on Drugs

Over the past 6 months the UK’s Advisory Council on the Misuse of Drugs (ACMD)—an independent expert body that advises government on drug-related issues—has hardly been out of the headlines. One sacking and seven resignations is not a good track record for any organisation. The public’s discontent at the ACMD over how it operates and […]

UK: Can the politics bail on scientific advise?

“All too often governments make political policy choices rather than evidence-based ones. This approach has caused deep consternation among the scientific community in the UK, where a schism now exists between the government and its scientific advisers. The trouble started last October after David Nutt, chair of the Advisory Council on the Misuse of Drugs […]

Canadian “hemp car” to be on the market by 2013

  Soon, you’ll be able to drive hemp. Literally, thanks to the Kestrel car, named after the colorful raptor.   Meet the Kerstel and its hemp composite body Right now, Canadian company Motive Industries, Inc., is testing the materials for a biocomposite hybrid electric car made from hemp and other natural and synthetic fibers. If […]

Ex-U.S. attorney: Time to change pot laws

Three years ago, former U.S. Attorney John McKay was somewhere near the front lines of the nation’s drug war. Directing federal prosecutions in Western Washington before he was fired in 2006 by the administration that appointed him, McKay’s office sent hemp smugglers and farmers to prison on decade-long terms. It indicted a loudmouth Canadian pro-pot […]

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