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Hemp Information

Top 5 quality hemp seeds under 25 Euro

For the growers among you with a limited budget we have composed a top 5 of cheap hemp seeds under 25 Euro per 10 seeds. When we say cheap we are obviously talking about the price and not the quality of the seeds. 😉 If you are planning to order some hemp seeds online and […]

The EU back the ban on coffee shops for tourists

Its name may be synonymous with European unity ‑ but increasingly its coffee shops are not. Moves by the Dutch border town of Maastricht to ban foreigners from its hemp cafes have been upheld by the European court, in a rare contravention of EU laws governing free markets and free movement of people. In response […]

Ron Paul speaks up against the hemp prohabition

This particular video features former presidential candidate Ron Paul. He has some controversial ideas on US foreign and domestic policy. We don’t agree with all of his ideas, but we certainly agree with his ideas on the insanity of hemp prohibition. Have a look at this video: [youtube=]

Law Enforcement Against Prohibition (LEAP)

In addition to the websites we have posted yesterday there is one very important online resource which we did not mention in our post. We feel that LEAP is such an important initiative that a separate post is in order. LEAP is made up of current and former members of the law enforcement and criminal […]

Smoking ban? On tobacco yes, Cannabis… not!

Finally, someplace gets it right when it comes to smoking. Medical marijuana will not be subject to the smoking ban adopted by the Sebastopol City Council on Tuesday — at least for the time being. The council unanimously(!) voted to remove medical hemp from the proposed ordinance and focus only on the use of tobacco […]

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