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Top 5 quality hemp seeds under 25 Euro

For the growers among you with a limited budget we have composed a top 5 of cheap hemp seeds under 25 Euro per 10 seeds. When we say cheap we are obviously talking about the price and not the quality of the seeds. 😉

If you are planning to order some hemp seeds online and want a good balance between price and quality have a look at the following strains:

  • White Skunk (16 Euro) Good Strain for a first time grower.
  • Double Gum (19 Euro) Strong plants with a very distinct smell.
  • The Pure (20 Euro) High yielding Indica/Sativa mix.

Note: Look out for any dodgy websites selling cheap seeds. To be sure you get what you ordered and good quality it is always best to buy directly from one of the big brands.

"Why is hemp against the law? It grows naturally upon our planet.
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