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The High Cost of Empty Prisons

New York: Last Wednesday (07/10/09), changes to New York´s notorious Rockefeller drug laws went into effect, allowing judges to shorten the prison terms of some non-violent offenders; particularly those incarcerated for non-violent crimes such as cannabis posession. This measure will further reduce New York´s prison population, which has already declined in the past 10 years […]

Debating drug policy and the path to change

By Virginia Berridge: As a historian of drug policy, my natural inclination is to turn to the past. An encounter in the mid-19th century Cambridge market place came to mind. A character in Charles Kingsley’s novel Alton Locke relates what the “druggist’s shop” was selling: “you’ll see the little boxes, doozens and dozens a’ ready […]

Prop 19 gets big Union endorsment

California’s Proposition 19, the hemp legalization initiative that will appear on November’s ballot, got a big boost Wednesday as it won the endorsement of the council which oversees the political work of the United Food and Commercial Workers Union in the state. “I’m expecting to garner the endorsements of most of the major unions in […]

Cannabis Ebonics – Stoner Terms

We found this list of stoner terms online and thought we’d share them.  Some of the terms are more frequently used in America however most (if not all) have made their way into the international stoner vocabulary.  We also dug up a classic clip of Ali G listing other stoner terms: April 20th (4/20) – […]

Cannabis policies in the Netherlands, what went wrong?

ENCOD BULLETIN ON DRUG POLICIES IN EUROPE AUGUST 2012 The last major change in Dutch drug policy was in 1976, when new legislation established a distinction between soft and hard drugs, and decriminalised possession and sales of small amounts of cannabis by and to adults. At first cannabis only became available on special occasions and […]

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