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Hemp Information

Addicted to foolish legislation on drugs

The Independent published this very interesting article about the british politicians stand on drugs and why they are wrong: The “war on drugs” finally flickered into the election campaign last weekend. You might expect it to be one of the biggest issues, since – along with the United States – our government is the most […]

Marijuana and the Brain

THC is a very potent chemical compared to other psychoactive drugs. An intravenous (IV) dose of only one milligram (mg) can produce serious mental and psychological effects. Once in your bloodstream, THC typically reaches the brain within seconds after it is inhaled and begins to go to work. Marijuana users often describe the experience of […]

Hemp Oil as a cure for cancer?

The special medicinal qualities of Hemp Oil are discussed in the following video. The story almost sounds to good to be true, however the fact of the matter is that Hemp Oil has many uses which modern medicine seems to have overlooked. Even if you are a bit sceptical towards these kind of miracle stories, […]

New medical hemp policy issued by the President

The Obama administration announced today that it will not seek to arrest medical hemp users and suppliers as long as they conform to state laws, under new policy guidelines to be sent to federal prosecutors Monday 19th October. A 3-page memo spelling out the policy is expected to be sent Monday to federal prosecutors in […]

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