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Hemp Information

How our brains fend off madness

A hemp like substance produced by the brain may dampen delusional or psychotic experiences, rather than trigger them. Heavy hemp use has been linked to psychosis in the past, leading researchers to look for a connection between the brain’s natural cannabinoid system and schizophrenia. Sure enough, when Markus Leweke of the University of Cologne, Germany, […]

Oakland legalizes hemp Farms

Oakland’s City Council late Tuesday adopted regulations permitting industrial-scale hemp farms, a plan that some small farmers argued would squeeze them out of the industry they helped to build. To address concerns from smaller farmers, the council pledged to create regulations on regulating small- and medium-size hemp farms this year. Council members and proponents of […]

Germany: Lawmakers ready to approve use of medical marijuana

Medical cannabis will be available in Germany soon, with the center-right coalition preparing to make groundbreaking changes to drug laws, a government health spokeswoman said this week. Cannabis was illegal throughout Germany until the federal constitutional court decided on 28 April 1994 that people need no longer be prosecuted for possession of soft drugs for […]

Coffeeshop trial is test for Dutch drugs policy

The owner and several employees of the biggest coffee shop in the Netherlands are being prosecuted for membership of a criminal organisation. The outcome of the trial can have a huge impact on soft drugs policy in the Netherlands. If Meddy Willemsen, the owner of the mega coffee shop Checkpoint in Terneuzen, is convicted of […]

Cannabis Tribunal

On Monday the first and Tuesday the second of December, the Cannabis college in cooperation with the “drug policy foundation” (stichting drugsbeleid) and ENCOD are organising the hemp tribunal at the international press centre in the Hague. The main question these public hearings will be focusing on is; What is going to happen with the […]

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