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Hemp Information

Lotus Eco Elise

On July 22nd at the British Motor Show, Lotus will unveil their new environmentally friendly sporty roadster, the Eco Elise, which features a number of “greener” improvements. Instead of just decreasing CO2 emissions, Lotus tried a holistic approach to ecology by using sustainable materials (like hemp and eco wool), a cleaner manufacturing process, renewable energy […]

Switzerland and Copenhagen – beyond cannabis tolerance (part two)

Switzerland and Denmark are considering measures which could lead to the return of decriminalised cannabis in 2012. In both cases, the main reason for the proposed change is to reduce the harm caused by pushing cannabis onto the black market. The simple, inarguable fact is that cannabis will continue to be consumed for its medicinal […]

Drug offences and death penalty…

An interesting study was released in April this year about the legitimacy of the death penalty being pronounced for drug offenders: From Amicus Journal (2010) Issue 21, p 21-28. This article provides an in-depth analysis of the international law ramifications of applying the death penalty for drug offences.  It reviews the the ‘most serious crimes’ […]

The Dutch government presents: The Weedpass

As of January 1, 2012, the weedpass will be introduced, bringing a new wave of street dealers, more accessible hard drugs and increased health risks! It’s already happening in the South regions of the Netherlands! Brought to you by the Dutch government. Maastricht: 28 days later … Less than a month after the introduction of […]

Rastafarian can smoke hemp in Italy!

We really wanted to bring this to everyone’s attention. If it wasn’t for the fact that we in the Netherlands have a very relaxed policy on Cannabis, we would probably become a rastafarian and move to Italy. 🙂 — Rastafarians have always regarded Ethiopia as the promised land, but Italy could rank a close second […]

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