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Hemp Information

US Government patents Cannabis!?

This just shows how much of a fraud the whole prohabition of hemp is. The US Government’s statement that there is “no current use for medical treatment in the United States” is a lie and they know it. The most disturbing about it is that United States patent No. 6,630,507 has been filled in 2001 […]

The truth behind industrial Hemp

Why criminalising industrial hemp is criminal The hemp plant is being rediscovered for it environmental friendly applicability. As you might know hemp is one of the oldest crops domesticated by man. The history of cultivating hemp goes back for thousands of years. Cannabis cultivation appears to have evolved simultaneously in separate civilisations across Eurasia. Humankind’s […]

Top 10 hemp Movies

We have compiled  a list of our top 10 hemp related movies. Hopefully you will enjoy these movies as much as we did. 1. Blow (2001) George Jung is the son of a struggling small business owner. Seeing his family struggle to make ends meet and failing, George vows never to share a similar fate. […]

We declared a war on ourselves, not drugs!

As the country of origin for the war on drugs, the USA is the perfect example to overview the consequences of such measure. As some Americans have been, and continue to be, pointing at the utility of such measures, Tony Newmann, communications director for the Drug Policy Alliance gives his view on the conception of […]

Cannabis as a cancer cure?

On the surface, it stands to reason that people who smoke hemp could possibly face similar elevated risks for head and throat cancers as do those who smoke tobacco, and/or drink alcohol. Both alcohol and tobacco use carry significantly higher risks for such cancers. In 1999, a highly – publicised study indicated that hemp users […]

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