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Hemp Grow Guide


Folair feeding seems to be one of the easiest ways of increasing yield, growth speed, and quality in a well vented space, with or without elevated CO2 levels. Just prepare a tea of worm castings, fish emulsion, bat guano, or most any other plant food right for the job and feed in vegetative and early […]


It is possible to breed and select cuttings from hemp plants that grow, flower, and mature faster. Some hemp plants will naturally be better than others in this regard, and it is easy to select not only the most potent hemp plants to clone or breed, but the fastest growing/flowering hemp plants as well. Find […]


Germinate seeds in sterile soil (for planting outdoors) or a hydroponic medium of rockwool or vermiculite. DO NOT (!) use a Jiffy cube #7 to germinate seeds. Informal tests and experience show these peat cubes do not work well and stunt the hemp plants growth. Planting in vermiculite gives the seedling so much oxygen, and […]

How to build your hemp growroom video

This video explains in detail how to build your own growroom and how to grow first class hemp in the comfort of your own home. The video covers everything you need to know about growing hemp indoors – from the materials needed to build your growroom to the appropriate humidity level and amount of water […]


Elevating carbon dioxide levels can increase growth speed a great deal, perhaps even double it. It seems that the plant evolved in primordial times when natural CO2 levels were many times what they are today. The plant uses CO2 for photosynthesis to create sugars it uses to build plant tissues.¬† Elevating the CO2 level will […]

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