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Hemp Grow Guide


It is possible to breed and select cuttings from hemp plants that grow, flower, and mature faster. Some hemp plants will naturally be better than others in this regard, and it is easy to select not only the most potent hemp plants to clone or breed, but the fastest growing/flowering hemp plants as well. Find […]

Nutrient deficiency: Phosphorus (P)

Phosphorus summary Phosphorus plays an important role in all living organisms and forms an essential element in plant and animal foodstuffs. It has a key position in cell metabolism and the plant’s total energy transfer. It is also a building block for the cell walls, DNA and all sorts of proteins and enzymes. The availability […]


Guerrilla farming refers to farming away from your own property, or in a remote location of your property where people seldom roam around. It is possible to find locations that for one reason or another are not easily accessible or are privately owned. Try to grow off your property, on adjacent property, so that if […]


When the female plant is not allowed to pollinate, it grows full of resin that was intended to make seeds. False seed pods swell with THC laden resin and the pistils turn red and orange and withdraw into the pods. Then the plant is harvested.  Seeds are not part of the bud when the flowers […]

What Will My Grow Room Smell Like?

The City Council Can Help! 30,000 cannabis-scented cards have been distributed to residents of Den Haag and Rotterdam by their city councils. This disturbing plan aims to help people recognize the smell of grow rooms and report on their neighbours. We have very little confidence that asking people to rat on their neighbor will actually […]

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