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How to: Grow hemp hydroponically

A water level indicator is placed in a 40 litre hydropot/container. The bottom of the container is covered with 100 cc of ion exchanger. Next the container is half-filled with hydro granules. After removing plastic from the rockwool mats they should be soaked in pH adjusted water, then cut to fit the container.

(Be careful when handling dry rockwool: do not break or cut before it’s been soaked thoroughly!)

Growing hemp hydroponically - growing hemp without soil

The wet mats are then placed on the hydro granules. Place the start blocks containing (mother) plants (one to four per hydro container) on these mats.

Finally fill the container with hydro granules until all the rockwool has been covered. During the first ten days, water the plants once or twice a day over the start blocks. In this way the water will run into the container via the rockwool. Once the plants have properly taken root, regularly fill the container, while keeping an eye on the water level indicator. Do not fill above the maximum or let the water drop below the minimum level.

The hydro granules ensure a moist, yet aerated climate for the roots at all times. The ion exchanger is used to prevent the nutrient water from becoming too acidic. This product binds the acid elements and in doing so it releases nutrients. Use nutrient water (21°C) with an ec level of 1.5 to 1.9 and a pH value of 6.

"Why is hemp against the law? It grows naturally upon our planet.
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