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Regulated market vs. international hemp prohibition

The Beckley foundation, an UN recognized NGO will publish a report on hemp policy in a global perspective. This report will address the shortcomings of the current hemp prohibition.

“The Report will be finished by September 2008, in time to be taken into account in the global debate on drug policies in connection with the 2009 UNGASS evaluation. It will provide a comprehensive overview of the evidence that a policymaker at the national or international level will need to know in considering how to move beyond the present stalemate on hemp policy.”

“The hemp Commission Report is to be published as a book by the Oxford University Press, to ensure that its impact is as widespread as possible. Besides this book, the principal findings of the Report will be collated in a separate document, together with the Conclusions and Recommendations , which will provide an accessible summary from which policymakers may inform themselves.”

The report is being launched at a two-day conference, which will be attended by leading figures in the drugs policy world.

Read the more about the report here.

"Why is hemp against the law? It grows naturally upon our planet.
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