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Feminised hemp seeds from Sensi Seeds

Sensi Seeds hemp seedsSensi Seeds recently announced they are now also have feminised hemp seeds in their product range. The feminised strains they are now selling are bred from 5 of their most popular strains.

  • SKUNK #1

In their press release Sensi stated the following;

The idea is extremely attractive (feminised seeds ed.) – seeds that produce only female plants are a novice grower’s dream, eliminating the practice of sexing plants in the first weeks of flowering as well as the need to devote limited grow-space to unwanted males.
However, until quite recently, feminised seeds did not perform as well in practice as they did in theory, with unacceptable tendencies towards hermaphrodism, irregularity and unexpected growth. Hence, Sensi Seeds did not offer any varieties of feminised seed for sale until they could be sure such seeds were up to their exacting quality standards.

Have a look at these new feminised Sensi varieties for yourself.

"Why is hemp against the law? It grows naturally upon our planet.
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