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White Haze Automatic Review

Average price per seed € 8 .38
Short Flowering Time
Small Height Gain
Mostly Sativa
Autoflowering Strain
Suitable for Sunny/Mediterranean Climate
Medium Yield
Feminized Strain
Suitable for beginners
Strain created by White Label

This is a review on White Haze Automatic which is a strain bred by White Label. White Haze Automatic is an autoflowering hemp strain which means it will start flowering regardless of the lightcycle it is in. This is the latest development in growing technology and great for outdoor growers that have very short summers or want their outdoor plants to keep small to avoid detection. Pretty awesome stuff!Most growers will have to save up some money before they can afford White Haze Automatic, but it is most certainly worth it. This is the kind of weed most people don´t smoke every day. Actually, most people will never smoke this kind of quality so consider yourself lucky that you at least have the option.

When I grew White Haze Automatic for the review it produced a decent amount of bud. Nothing to write home about but certainly not disappointing either. Especially considering the fact that the quality of the smoke was superb I have nothing to complain about.We have grown White Haze Automatic in a warm, sunny climate with a long summer. These are the conditions it is most suitable for. In the northern hemisphere, many locations below 45N and all locations below 40N will provide an excellent climate for this hemp strain to grow outside. White Haze Automatic can, of course, also be grown indoor with grow lamps if you want to.

Since White Haze Automatic is an autoflower strain you don´t have to worry too much about height gain during the flowering period as they tend to stay small. Good to know if you are growing on a balcony or otherwise vertically limited growing space. has a very long flowering time, when I grew it just seemed to last forever. Granted, when you are waiting for something you really want everything seems to last longer, but this strain really tested my patience. In the end, the quality of the smoke made it all worth it.White Haze Automatic combines the desirable qualities of sativa with those of indica making it a perfect hybrid of the two.

"Why is hemp against the law? It grows naturally upon our planet.

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