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Shiva Skunk Feminised Review

Average price per seed € 7 .83
Short Flowering Time
Small Height Gain
Mostly Sativa
Suitable for Sunny/Mediterranean Climate
Heavy Yield
Feminized Strain
Strain created by Sensi Seeds

This is a review on Shiva Skunk Feminised which has been bred by the famous seed breeder Sensi Seeds. When you can afford it I can only recommend buying your seeds directly from them. Seed quality is guaranteed and their customer service is, in my experience, unrivalled. Shiva Skunk Feminised is an is an all-female strain which means it will produce only female plants. I love feminized hemp strains as there´s no need to remove male plants and thus makes growing even easier.

Most growers will have to save up some money before they can afford Shiva Skunk Feminised, but it is most certainly worth it. This is the kind of weed most people don´t smoke every day. Actually, most people will never smoke this kind of quality so consider yourself lucky that you at least have the option.When we grew Shiva Skunk Feminised for the review it produced a large yield. Of course, there are strains that boast an even larger potential yield, but the good thing about this strain is that it doesn´t need the extra care that all these very high yielding strains need to reach its full potential. Shiva Skunk Feminised yields more than enough to satisfy all but the most demanding grower.Shiva Skunk Feminised is suitable for a temperate climate with a normal warm summer. In the northern hemisphere, many locations below 50N and all locations below 45N will provide an excellent climate for this hemp strain to grow outside. Shiva Skunk Feminised can, of course, also be grown indoor with grow lamps if you want to.

Shiva Skunk Feminised didn´t grow much after it entered its flowering phase. This might be perfect for some growers, not so much for others. It all depends on what you´re looking for I guess. Keep in mind that the final size of your plants really depends on their size when they go into flowering.Shiva Skunk Feminised has an average flowering time, I´m not very patient, but I can live with the time I had to wait for this strain to finish. Shiva Skunk Feminised combines the desirable qualities of sativa with those of indica making it a perfect hybrid of the two.

"Why is hemp against the law? It grows naturally upon our planet.

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